Friday, August 09, 2002

Hey Hey Peoples! I'm at school right now in 4th period, webpage design. We aren't doing anything so I decided to blog. Nothing has really happened today. Well I take that back, this morning in our cooking class this guy (he is crazy) put regular milk in pancake mix instead of butter milk so their pancakes were like paper thin. It was sooo funny! We can't come to school without drama though. Some people in my grade(12th) are already spreading rumors. C'mon people we're SENIORS, it's about fvkin time we grow up, dont ya think? Anyway, I'm tired, it's friday, I'm ready to go home!!! I have to do some adv. math homework this weekend. Tomorrow night me and my friend Amy and my parents are going to Nashville. We got tickets to the Grand Ole Opry to go see the DIXIE CHICKS! Im so excited. lol I love the Grand Ole Opry, Im accustomed, so I can. I like my RAP music better though, gotta love my NELLY!. Well that's all of the newx I have right now. I'll write more later!!! Byes!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Hey Everybody!!! My name is Taryn. Im 17 yrs old and will be turnin 18 on Feb. 18th. Ima SENIOR in high school @ lexington high school to be exact. Im from Town Creek, AL but I moved to Lexington awhile back. I have blonde hair & brown eyes. I'm about 5'2" at the most. Well Im gonna use this blog like a journal and tell you people that really wanna know about my life, what happens mostly everyday (if i remember to). So I'm gonna write more later... Byebye!